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Apprentice Testimonials

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Within my apprenticeship role, I had the opportunity to be hands-on in all elements of the exciting and fast-paced business, from press releases to face-to-face client proposal meetings.

Isabel Fenwick, Past PR Apprentice (2017), iNHouse

If you're considering undertaking an apprenticeship with the PRCA, I would implore you to take the leap and to do it. Not only do you earn two PR qualifications from the course, you also learn the vital skills and knowledge that are needed to pursue a career within the PR/comms industry. Everyone at the PRCA is extremely helpful, so don't be afraid, take the leap, you won't regret it.

Cameron Poole, Past PR Apprentice (2021), Voice Communications

I have had an incredible time at Warner Bros. completing my apprenticeship with the PRCA. Thank you to everyone who helped me complete it and achieve my qualification!

Lucy Beldham, Past PR Apprentice (2020), Warner Bros.

The apprenticeship has given me a range of opportunities and experiences which I never would have been offered had I gone onto university. I have gained valuable skills that simply cannot be taught from a textbook. The apprenticeship has boosted my self-confidence and has provided me with the professional skills needed for a successful career in PR. & &

Molly Fennemore, Past PR Apprentice (2019), Templemere PR

I truly don’t understand why apprenticeships are not more popular. I can learn from the best while completing practical work, study and grow my knowledge and skill set for that work, whilst earning a wage. Having a job that I thoroughly enjoy not only increases my productivity at work, but also allows my study time to be more fulfilling. I would say to anybody contemplating starting or joining an apprenticeship – do it. I cannot recommend it enough.

Alexandra House, PR Apprentice (2020), Champion Communications

I was surprised with how quickly I felt like part of the team. The great thing about being on an apprenticeship is that your employer is signing up to help you progress. My colleagues have supported me to get hands-on straight away and learn something new every day. To me, this apprenticeship means a wide-open horizon for my future.

Naomi Bennett, PR Apprentice (2020), See Media

My apprenticeship has helped me flourish in my interpersonal skills, developing relationships with a range of people who work in different roles to me. I have also been able to develop my understanding for writing for different audiences and how to effectively target the specific audience. I am both understanding the theory behind PR and communications, as well as being able to use the theory in real life situations.

Georgia Cantrill, PR Apprentice (2020), Altecnic

I would describe my PR apprenticeship as insightful, challenging and fun, and my learnings as an apprentice have certainly fed into successive roles. The mentorship and structured learning I received helped me to develop many skills and much insight in a short space of time, and I really appreciate having had this opportunity.

Derrick Otchere, Past PR Apprentice (2016), Capella PR

I feel very confident that I have found the right path for me. Every day I look forward to going to work, to writing, to creating, to doing something that I really enjoy, something that I know is important. This apprenticeship has already taught me so much in such a short space of time, and I am really looking forward to continuing my journey and pursing the career that I have always wanted.

Molly McNaughton, Past PR Apprentice (2020), Virgin Care

I would wholeheartedly recommend an apprenticeship for someone who is looking to launch themselves into a career in PR. The nature of my work has exceeded my expectations, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend industry events and as somebody who loves history, I feel privileged that I am able to work in, and write about six of the most important palaces in the UK.

Rosie Moffat, Past PR Apprentice (2019), Historic Royal Palaces