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Apprentice Testimonials

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My apprenticeship has allowed my communication and confidence skills to flourish. I’ve been exposed to amazing opportunities working with skilled PR professionals and businesses while learning from the PRCA’s programme.

Ellie Mai Wackett, Past PR Apprentice (2024), Headland Consultancy

After joining Headland's apprenticeship scheme in October 2022, I have had the experience of a lifetime. Working on some truly unforgettable campaigns with amazing colleagues, I have honed an array of professional skills that I will definitely take forward with me in my PR career.

Emma Joseph, Past PR Apprentice (2024), Headland Consultancy

I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of my apprenticeship! I have had the opportunity to work on some incredibly interesting campaigns, and it has provided me with the vital skills that I need to pursue a successful career in PR and communications. The PRCA and my coach have been so supportive throughout and I have made some amazing connections along the way. I’m extremely grateful to have had this opportunity and I’m so excited for what’s to come for my career!

Claudia De Michiel, Past PR Apprentice (2024), FTI Consulting

My experience as an apprentice has been beneficial in that it has given me the knowledge and skills that I need to further my Public Relations career. I now have more confidence, have key connections across the sector, and a fundamental understanding of this industry. I will always be appreciative of the opportunity and grateful for the outstanding support provided by the PRCA and FTI Consulting.

Evie Scott, Past PR Apprentice (2024), FTI Consulting

Combining my work at Quantum PR with my studies has provided me with invaluable hands-on experience in the PR industry that has enabled me to gain a thorough understanding of industry nuances across a diverse range of clients. I'm grateful for the fantastic support from my PRCA Tutor, Anna, and my colleagues at the agency who have helped me every step of the way.

Samantha Clark, Past PR Apprentice (2024), Quantum Public Relations

I can’t thank the PRCA team enough for their guidance throughout my apprenticeship. Not only have they given me the foundations to build a strong career in the industry, but they were so understanding and supportive whilst I had to take an unexpected pause in work and studying last summer. My tutor – Sonia, was incredible and I miss the regular check ins we used to have. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity.

Megan Webber, Past PR Apprentice (2024), Speed Communications

Through this apprenticeship I’ve grown in both skills and confidence. I’ve built a strong foundation for the rest of my career, made incredible connections, and discovered a passion for public service and working within communities!

Davina Masemo, Past PR Apprentice (2024), London Borough of Waltham Forest

I absolutely loved my apprenticeship experience and I’m so grateful for the opportunities it gave me. The skills and insights I learnt are invaluable and I will take these with me throughout my career. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Ellie Carpenter, Past PR Apprentice (2024), All Spring Media

I have massively enjoyed my PR apprenticeship experience. I’ve learned so much from industry experts, met inspiring people and jumped right into the world of Public Relations – I won’t be looking back!

Holly King, Past PR Apprentice (2024), North Herfordshire College

My experience as a PR apprentice will stick with me for the rest of my life! It was interesting to get stuck in and learn strategies that PR professionals use to get B2B clients into multiple sources of media and raise awareness not only domestically but world wide!

Malachi Jameson, Past PR Apprentice (2023), Fight or Flight