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Apprentice Testimonials

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An apprenticeship has been my best decision to date where I have developed both personally and professionally. I have been given responsibilities that I would not have otherwise known I was capable of, as well as gained confidence in interacting with clients and colleagues. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Amber Downie, Past PR Apprentice (2022), FINN Partners

It’s been a wonderful experience learning on the job in such a busy, stimulating industry as PR. Honestly, time flew by and I am so excited to continue to grow in my career. Now, having had a foundational understanding of PR, I feel confident and ready for whatever next comes my way!

Yaminah Arbibey, Past PR Apprentice (2022), Team Lewis

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve been able to take on and the knowledge I’ve built from my role at Champion and through the apprenticeship scheme. The apprenticeship has challenged me, but also enabled me to grow into my role and become a key person on some amazing accounts and campaigns. I can’t wait to progress further in my career!

Alexandra House, Past PR Apprentice (2022), Champion Communications

My apprenticeship with the PRCA was a challenging but rewarding experience. There is a lot of work that goes into the diploma, but this is because it teaches you so much. Although I don’t think I will pursue a career in Public Relations, I have taken away many skills that I can apply in my new role and the future. Thank you to everyone involved.

Evan McCullough, Past PR Apprentice (2021), Kier Highways

My apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to become a recognised professional in an area of expertise that I am passionate about whilst also receiving full pay and support from my employer. I’ve made far more valuable connections and progressed a lot further professionally completing the PRCA apprenticeship than I would have done in a full-time educational setting. It was a bit of a balancing act, but well worth the hard work – I still can’t believe I got a distinction!

Lucy Salvage, Past PR Apprentice (2021), Wealden District Council

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship and I’m so happy to be staying on in a new role within my team. Thank you to everyone who helped me achieve my qualification!”

Grace Corney, Past PR Apprentice (2021), Cambridgeshire Constabulary

Within my apprenticeship role, I had the opportunity to be hands-on in all elements of the exciting and fast-paced business, from press releases to face-to-face client proposal meetings.

Isabel Fenwick, Past PR Apprentice (2017), iNHouse

If you're considering undertaking an apprenticeship with the PRCA, I would implore you to take the leap and to do it. Not only do you earn two PR qualifications from the course, you also learn the vital skills and knowledge that are needed to pursue a career within the PR/comms industry. Everyone at the PRCA is extremely helpful, so don't be afraid, take the leap, you won't regret it.

Cameron Poole, Past PR Apprentice (2021), Voice Communications

I have had an incredible time at Warner Bros. completing my apprenticeship with the PRCA. Thank you to everyone who helped me complete it and achieve my qualification!

Lucy Beldham, Past PR Apprentice (2020), Warner Bros.

The apprenticeship has given me a range of opportunities and experiences which I never would have been offered had I gone onto university. I have gained valuable skills that simply cannot be taught from a textbook. The apprenticeship has boosted my self-confidence and has provided me with the professional skills needed for a successful career in PR. & &

Molly Fennemore, Past PR Apprentice (2019), Templemere PR