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Writing effective press releases

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Classroom based

This course is aimed at anyone who has to deal with Procurement from a new business perspective through to fee negotiations, and explains how best to work with them.

Course Objectives: 

You’ll learn what news is (and isn’t) and why the media reject so many press releases. You’ll come up with ideas for stories that the media want to run and write headlines that grab the media’s attention for the right reasons. You’ll feel more confident about pitching ideas and you’ll write up press releases more quickly, more easily and more effectively.

Learning Objectives: 

This is a practical course with lots of participation and feedback. You’ll use a mix of discussions, exercise, case studies and examples to learn:

What the media want (and don’t want) from PR practitioners
What makes a story newsworthy
The difference between true news and PR puff
The basic requirements of every press release
How to answer the ‘who, what, where, when, why and how’ questions
The importance of headlines and first paragraphs
How to find ideas when there is nothing new to say
How to use the Inverted Pyramid to structure press releases
How to find and write quotes that add something to the story
The difference between writing for print, writing for broadcast and writing for online
How to optimise your online press releases to improve SEO
How to pitch ideas via phone, email and social media
How to use different tools to get your story out to the media
How to adapt your writing style
The things that journalists complain about when dealing with PR practitioners
How to avoid the common pitfalls
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Full course notes will be provided. A notebook and pen will also be provided. If you prefer to work on a laptop, you are more than welcome to bring it along with you to use throughout the day.