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UK Young Lions Competition 2024


01 Mar 2024







Registration Opens: Thursday, 25th January 2024, 09:00
Registration Deadline: Friday, 1st March, 2024, 17:00

A fantastic opportunity for you to take home Gold at Cannes!

The UK Young Lions PR Competition is the pre-selection competition for the Cannes Young Lions PR Competition 2024.

As well as participating in the international competition, the winning duo will spend time at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, soaking up the atmosphere and being able to participate in all the sessions.

Once you have paid to register your team, you must email details of your team members to

Event Type: Industry Event

Event Overview

How the UK Competition Works

A brief will be set by the PRCA's Charity Partner (to be revealed at a later date) who will act as the client, and participating teams will be given 24 hours to create a campaign.

The UK competition will replicate the Cannes Lions competition as much as possible.


Registration opens 09:00am on Thursday, 25th January 2024.

The cost to enter is £300+vat per (PRCA member) team and £400+vat per (non-member) team. The UK competition will take place over an identical timeframe as the Cannes PR Young Lions Competition, but during a working day: Wednesday, 6th March, 2024, 10:00 – Thursday, 7th March, 2024, 10:00 (24 hours).

The brief is provided by a PRCA Charity In-house member. It will be circulated by email at 10:00 on Wednesday 6th March.

Completed campaigns will need to be emailed back to the PRCA by 10:00 on Thursday, 7th March - in the form of a 10 page PowerPoint presentation, a 1 page summary slide and a written submission of no more than 450 words delivered as a Word document. Campaigns will then be judged by a UK Jury.

A shortlist of 6 campaigns will then via zoom deliver a 5 minute presentation to the Jury, explaining the PR campaign on Tuesday, 26th March, 2024.

The winning team will be notified by Wednesday 27th March 2024.

UK Competition Rules

The competition is open to any full-time working professionals in the PR industry, aged 30 years or younger (this includes PR freelancers). Only two participants are required to form a team, and organisations are welcome to enter multiple teams. Each participant must be aged 30 years or younger (born after 23rd June, 1993) and able to travel to Cannes in June 2024.

PRCA will cover two Young Lions 2024 Competitor passes, for both members of the winning team. Please note that flights and accommodation are not included. 

For more information, please email the PRCA Events team