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Procurement: What consultancies need to know


02 Nov 2016







Procurement departments are now involved in the majority of medium- and large-scale public relations and public affairs appointments. To many procurement professionals PR and PA practitioners are an alien species. Most PR and PA people have had little if any direct contact with procurement or purchasing executives.

This understanding gap means that the involvement of procurement often leads to cross-purposes, incomprehension, mutual suspicion and frustration. PR people can be quick to conclude that the sole function of procurement is to cut the consultancy’s fees. This is not necessarily the case.

‘Procurement: What Consultancies Need To Know’ is a rapid introduction to the role of procurement executives, their motivation and reward systems, how they go about their work at each stage of the selection process, what wins their approval and what they don’t like, the language they use, and how we can respond to ensure the most successful outcome for both parties.

The webinar draws on the presenter’s own experience of negotiating with procurement executives and also on advice provided by directors of procurement at BT, Mars and WPP, and on studies carried out over a period of five years by the Gyroscope Consultancy.

Event Type: Webinar

Address: Online, Online, SE1 0BE

Places available: 50

Places remaining: 48

Trainer: Adrian Wheeler FPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

How attendees will benefit
Participants will receive a practical introduction to the role and background of procurement executives; the systems and techniques they use; recommendations on presenting the consultancy’s credentials in a form and language appropriate to procurement professionals; what to include and what to avoid. They will learn how to earn procurement’s approval at each stage of the selection process.

Who should attend
Consultancy managers involved in new business, particularly those responsible for handling PQQs, RFIs, ITTs and RFPs.

What attendees will learn

  • Procurement people: origin, background, training, mentality, objectives
  • How procurement interacts with our clients
  • Procurement’s role at each step of the selection process
  • Procurement techniques and how to respond
  • Winning procurement’s approval; avoiding ‘red flags’
  • Presenting the consultancy’s credentials to procurement
  • Dealing with procurement issues