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PRCA Health Conference 2023 - The new healthcare 360: Beyond physical to social, environmental and individual



The PRCA Health Conference returned in November 2023 with a half day programme featuring insight and discussion with leading storytellers and communicators, healthcare leaders and innovators on the evolving health landscape.

We explored the new healthcare 360 and what it means for PR and communications professional looking for impact. And even better – an in-person conference, for the first time in 3 years!

Sharing some interesting insights and expertise in the field, we had a full house for conversations ranging from levelling the gender health gap through strategic communications and looking at the future of personalised healthcare, to challenging short-sightedness in healthcare policymaking and supporting mental health campaigns.

Joining the panel included:

·       Shelley Grierson M.Ps.S.I., Social Psychologist and Public Health Researcher

·       Dr Helen O'Neill CEO Hertility Health

·       Amy Price, Research Manager, OnePoll

·       Sarah Graham, Award-winning freelance health journalist and author

·       Atinuke Awe, Founders, Five x More

·       Daria Gerasimova, Senior Communications Manager, Flo Health Inc

·       Anna Garrod, Director of Policy and Influencing, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation

·       Shayoni Lynn, CEO and Founder, Lynn

·       Katy Davidson, MD Health, Ketchum

·       Paul Hutchings, Founder, fox&cat

·       Kate Clark, Women in PR Committee member and Founder, KCPR

·       Meg Zeenat Wamithi, Strategic Programmes and Innovation Lead at Mind and CEO at MindMapper

Just a few of the key takeaways from the event:

Femtech and beyond: One example of this is Flo Health recently announced the launch of Flo for Partners, a ground-breaking feature designed to empower male partners with proactive, tailored and scientific insights into their female partner's menstrual and reproductive health. Flo for Partners serves as the ultimate translator, decoding mysteries around a woman’s sex drive, ovulation window, and pregnancy journey.

Mental health and Well-being: Hearing about some inspirational campaigns with meaningful impact. Women in PR (WiPR) launched its latest campaign to reveal and tackle the burnout phenomenon endemic to our industry that appears to hit senior women particularly badly – with their recent survey revealing that 66% of senior PR women having considered quitting their job due to burnout.

Hearing about Fox and Cat’s ‘Under the Tree’ initiative was also fascinating. Under the Tree aims to create a safeonline space where communications professionals can learn the skills and techniques needed to transform workload stress and pressure into a positive influence.

Advancing gender equity in healthcare: Inclusive hiring and talent retention is increasing in priority and employers should really be taking a proactive and preventative approach to reproductive health to stand out.

Women of menopausal age form a big percentage of all employed people in the UK. Women are also staying in employment for longer. A lack of workplace support alongside

the symptoms of menopause can lead to women leaving the workforce. But, luckily, Hertility helps employers support this section of the workforce through at-home testing, specialist care and education for the entire workforce.

The event was an unforgettable gathering of innovative minds, filled with interesting discussions.

A massive thank you to all of our speakers and to our wonderful audience. We look forward to seeing you at the next health conference. Watch this space for 2024.