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Creativity in the age of AI - being technically savvy but creatively smarter and wiser


There’s a paradox at the heart of creativity in the age of AI. On the one hand, new tools like Chat GPT make doing creativity seemingly easier - prompt a response and you have some ready-made offerings. Yet, you also need to be much savvier about how to manage and deliver the creative dimension, the offline fundamentals as well as the online technical delivery.

To survive or thrive in the new era of AI Creativity, to futureproof your talent, you need to be smarter at the intersection of robots and humanity - fully capitalising upon you and your team’s ingenuity, creative nous, and sense of right and wrong.

The optimum way ahead is to harness the full potential of new AI tools but also deepen your understanding of the craft of human creativity. You need a deeper appreciation of yourself - how you are creative, what motivates, and fuels your curiosity, drive, and passion. You also need to cultivate better conversations - within your own head and with others. You need to be a better self-coach to learn and grow from each encounter and experience.

And you need good daily habits to provide sustenance to your creative performance. You also need to know how to manage the creative dynamic of the team around you and get the most from your environment. You need to sharpen your opportunity-spotting radar, and that ability to extract a prize-winning idea from a pile of dross.

Then you are in a better position to dive into the AI pool of tools, to maximise their benefit as a creative partner.

At the heart of outstanding creativity is asking ‘beautiful questions’ - the critical skill at the heart for maximising your use of tools like Chat GPT. You’re now forced to either adopt new ways of doing or adapt faster - or be left behind.

Use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas, suggest unique angles, and inspire campaigns. Be you ever-serving research buddy and gopher. Streamline your workflow with AI's lightning-fast information retrieval and data analysis capabilities.

You can then focus your efforts on crafting compelling narratives while AI handles the data-heavy groundwork. In the age of AI we need to learn how to craft hyper-personalized content that resonates with your audience on a deeper level, harnessing AI’s ability to tailor messages to individual preferences, making your comms more compelling.

At the same time, you need a creative brain with a conscience, and an appreciation of wider world sensitivities and responsibilities. Responsible AI application is about ensuring your campaigns are both innovative and ethically sound.

Yes, you need to make smart use of new AI tools but this needs to be coupled with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of how creativity works to futureproof your career.

‘Creativity in the age of AI - being technically savvy but creatively smarter and wiser’ is a new workshop run by the PRCA onNovember 22nd. Book your place here.