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PRCA Diploma in Change Management and Communication

“For anyone wishing to study a professional qualification without the pressure of strict deadlines I’d highly recommend the PRCA. Their approach to learning allows students the freedom to fit studies into their own lifestyle”.

Carl Harvey, HMRC

The course really helped me reflect on the ways I have previously managed change, both within my organisation and with external partners. I’m pleased to have been able to underpin the practical examples I have with the theory, and also to be able to have identified what approaches I could utilise in future to improve the role communications can play in change management. The lectures were always interesting and relevant, and learning alongside peers from different industries helped bring competing and complimentary perspectives to the discussions.

Owen Hathway, Assistant Director of Insight, Policy and Public Affairs at Sport Wales

“The Change Management and Communications Diploma gave me a really good insight into this important area of work. It enabled me to explore in detail how communications and project/programme management can work together to deliver effective change. The course covered a wide range of really interesting topics and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

 Matthew Woolford Head of Internal Communications


PRCA Diploma in Public Affairs Management

 ''I decided to take the Public Affairs Diploma to gain a solid understanding of how public affairs work in practice and learn tips and tricks when it comes to influencing political decisions. As someone who had never been involved in public affairs campaigns, I found the course illuminating, helping me with my professional development and my career. The course benefits from a flexible structure and an excellent tutor, like Stuart, who is there to help you all the way. I would clearly recommend this course''.

 lias Bafounis, EU Policy Consultant -  DeHavilland 

''I would 100% recommend this course to anyone looking to move into a career in public affairs. The course is varied, well-organised and easy to fit around a full-time job. Stuart and the other contributors were very insightful and approachable, and the rest of the team couldn't have been more helpful and easy to work with. Thanks to all involved!''

Aaron Doherty -  Senior Partnerships Executive

''The PRCA Diploma in Public Affairs Management is an excellent course for anyone looking to increase their knowledge and expertise in public affairs. The course provides a wealth of resources that will build your understanding of how to approach and manage effective public affairs campaigns. It’s delivered flexibly, which is perfect for busy professionals, and Stuart, the course tutor, is an exceptionally adept explainer and mentor in all thing’s public affairs.''

Thomas Poad – Regional Public Affairs Manager – VMO2


PRCA Diploma in Integrated Communications Management

“I’ve had a wonderful experience studying with the PRCA and would highly recommend them. Their structured and flexible Communications programme was insightful with a fantastic suite of resources to explore. I got to learn from and engage with respected communications practitioners who shared valuable knowledge and real-life comms strategy tips for the workplace. I was also able to study at my own pace and am now in a position to apply my learnings to elevate my career in communications and public relations.” 

Roshan D'souza, makearchitects

'‘The integrated communications management course was so insightful and taught me so much. I learnt so many new skills and gained a deeper understanding of different models and principles, and how to apply them in different types of campaigns. The material was fantastic, and so easily accessible. I really made use of the flexibility of the course structure, and felt really at ease knowing I could access the course when it suited me.’'

 Jo Sydes, Marketing & Communications Manager - St Elizabeth's Centre

“Thank you PRCA for a thought-provoking, flexible course. Being able to work at my own speed, having access to the brilliant resources and speaking to the helpful experts at any time made this course 100% worth it. Not only did I enjoy studying again, I could see how everything I was learning could be applied to my day to day job in communications. This was a hugely beneficial diploma.”

Tamsin Fanning, PR & Internal Communications Manager, giffgaff

“I have really enjoyed completing my PRCA Diploma in Integrated Communications Management. I liked that the course provided the flexibility for me to learn at my own pace. The course was well rounded and touched upon various different aspects of communications that I found interesting, from marketing, social media, external affairs to internal communications. I have definitely learnt a lot and developed an understanding of the different models and principles, and look forward to seeing how I can apply these to different types of campaigns I work on in the future.”

 Emma Hird, External Affairs Officer at HC-One

"The PRCA ICM course has been the best investment toward building my knowledge in communications and in my career." 

Janhavi Raja, PR Manager, Hooton, Amsterdam