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Creativity is the number one skill required in 2020

Wake up! Are you doing enough to invest in and grow your most critical asset?

Creativity was identified by LinkedIn as the number one soft skill companies need most in 2020, while complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity were rated as the top three skills for workforces by the World Economic Forum in its ‘Future of Jobs’ study.

What are you doing in the year ahead to protect and develop your most fundamental asset - your ability to develop new ideas and solutions to clients’ or your organizations’ problems?

Every business needs a Creative Toolkit - the tools, processes and strategies you use day-in, day-out to deliver results for your business. Yet these tools will be ineffective unless your people have confidence in their own abilities to be creative and manage the creative dimension in their work.  

The danger is the tried and tired-out becomes the norm and people become more blind to spotting new opportunities and insights.

A crucial capability is ‘creative triage’ - how you listen to new information and identify insight - the real question at the heart of any challenge you and your team face.

We all have sagacity - the ability to discern the essential truth of a situation. 

If you see a new-born baby do you think, ‘What a useless lump of flesh that can’t do anything for itself’? Or do you see the beauty and potential of a new life?

Our sagacity is the muscle we all to spot opportunities, new ideas and inspirations to transform our situation. It’s the vehicle for our creativity. Yet, like any muscle it needs exercise, and smarter nurturing.

How well do you listen to the world around you?

One simple tip to boost your sagacity is every day identify three good things and three bad things relating to your work. And don’t just observe ‘That’s good’ or ‘That’s bad’ but investigate why it is good or bad.  Deconstruct how it is positive or negative. Then reflect on what ways are you similarly guilty or not of doing the same thing.

This simple exercise enhances your opportunity-spotting radar. It boosts your capability to act like a magnet to attract opportunities to you and propel you to new insights.

The great German writer Goethe allegedly once wrote, "Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”.

Goethe’s words allude to each being opportunity magnets - attracting positive things to help our way. By managing how you think, listen and act you can transform your sagacity and opportunity-spotting radar' through better ‘creative listening'.

In the year ahead, you need your team to be more confident and capable in their creativity, to achieve better results and delight your clients. You need them to be able to think with agility and flexibly to deliver, often under pressure or with limited time or resource.

‘Transform your Creativity’ is a one-day workshop, complete with a Creativity Toolkit workbook, being run across the UK in London, during 2020. It makes creativity, flexible and agile thinking, and problem-solving easier to do and manage for busy communications professionals. It provides an easy-to-use and sustainable set of tools, methodologies and habits to transform performance.

Working in small groups, you will learn from each other as well as from your mentor/trainer. You will create a legacy of an action plan to be masters of your creativity, agile thinking and problem-solving for 2020.

Bespoke, in-house courses are also available that can be tailored to meet your precise needs.

Find a date and place best for you:

  • February 11th Birmingham
  • February 21st London
  • May 19th Manchester
  • July 8th Cardiff

What are you doing in 2020 to address your number one skill need?