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#HireaPRCAmember Q&A: Mike Maynard MPRCA, Napier MD

The PRCA has launched a global campaign urging organisations to hire PRCA members when looking for public relations support. As part of our #HireaPRCAmember campaign, we’re celebrating consultancies that have continuously held CMS for more than 15, 10 and 5 years. We sat down with Napier Managing Director Mike Maynard MPRCA to chat about the importance of ethical practice and holding CMS accreditation since 2009.


Why has holding CMS accreditation been important to Napier?

We are very proud to hold an CMS accreditation. As a challenging audit of our processes and procedures, it is a reflection of our team’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement, which benefits our clients both now and in the future.

In what way has maintaining those standards helped you achieve success as a business?

The CMS accreditation has ensured we maintain high standards across the agency, as we strive to continually improve our systems and processes to make both our clients and our team more successful. It also helps us recognise the quality of service we are providing our clients, and ensures we continue to keep it to a high level.

What advice would you have to other PRCA members considering going through the process?

It is a fantastic way to ratify your belief that you are running your business in a professional manner and you have the systems and processes in place that will help you be successful. Many of the areas covered by CMS are the practical requirements of successful client and people management, so if you have good processes in place you are a long way to achieving the standard.

Undergoing the CMS accreditation pays dividends in ensuring that you have considered and paid attention to developing the key areas of running your business in a professional manner that your clients expect, and your staff and suppliers can rely on.

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