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Managing Clients

Ruth McNeil

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Many entering the PR industry have innate skills when it comes to client handling - getting on with people, being able to establish a rapport, sociability amongst them; but some need help with some of the “basic” client management skills such as learning to listen to clients, learning to understand what they really need, paraphrasing to show understanding….

The PRCA “Client Management” course allows PR professionals to learn and practice some of these and even the very best, with an innate understanding of how to deal with clients, can reflect on their own weaknesses and strengths, learn new skills or at least have the chance to discuss any particular challenges.

Many, especially those new to public relations or corporate affairs, often just need reassurance that they are “on the right track” though many do come on the course because they are facing a particular challenge with a particular client – typically an unresponsive client or an overdemanding client.

We look at how to think about the client who is exhibiting those traits – helping to understand their psychology or that of the company they work with so that we can see things from their point of view and respond more appropriately.  If we can show an understanding of them and their situation, the likelihood is that we can encourage that client to react to us more effectively. We talk about awkward situations and how to resolve them, we learn about “hero” responses, how to build relationships and sustain them, how to “enjoy” our work with clients and reward them and us. Good client management has at its root an ability to build trust. Working with clients should be fun, not just an uphill struggle!