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The Dawn of the TikTokracy


Conversations around politics and political issues are increasingly taking place online, but this well-documented trend has taken on a new form in recent years.

Move over ‘X’, Facebook and LinkedIn, a different platform is beginning to drive the political debate, with a new generation of political activists at its helm.

Welcome to the dawn of the TikTokracy.

TikTok has quickly shifted from a platform for users to create and share meme-worthy content, to a source of news for the socially-conscious Gen Z. The platform's algorithm means users can be easily and instantly updated on the issues they care about, and users can rely on being served engaging content totally free of charge.

TikTok’s growing popularity has not gone unnoticed by politicians and mainstream media outlets, who are now increasingly taking to the platform to engage new audiences.

But brands are at risk of being left behind. The virality of TikTok means that social media storms can be created in a matter of minutes as users stitch, repost and recirculate to a wider audience each time. This poses unique challenges for comms teams concerned about their brand’s online reputation but the platform – and its over 1 billion monthly users - is often overlooked in favour of traditional media and old-school social platforms.

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