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Which employee perks matter most to PRs?

Employee incentives are normally designed to promote job satisfaction and wellbeing, whilst boosting retention and recruitment. But which perks matter the most to PR professionals and are you going above and beyond or just covering the core basics?

According to Wonderful Workplaces’ 2019 Employer Branding Insights Report, the three most important employee benefits are flexible working, pensions and medical/dental allowance. Sabbaticals also feature highly on the list of those perks pertinent to PR professionals, followed by car allowance and gym membership.

Flexible working

Flexible working is no longer a nice-to-have as more and more PR professionals expect it in some form from their employer. The Wonderful Workplaces research revealed that 76% of PR professionals are looking for working from home options in their next role, 61% would like alternative working hours to suit their needs, and 28% would like a range of workspaces such as hot-desking, team zones and quiet working areas.

Whilst the majority of PR jobseekers who responded to the survey are interested in full-time working hours, 23% are looking for freelance work and 21% are looking for part-time hours (some selected more than one option, suggesting they’re open to different arrangements).

Core benefits such as pensions and holiday allowance are legal requirements, and standard flexible working policies are becoming the norm. However, the best employers will consider which perks matter the most to their employees. Why not conduct a survey and ask them? 

In the meantime, here are a few less ordinary ideas you might want to consider:

  • Paid sabbaticals: Some PR agencies offer their employees paid sabbaticals after five years of continuous service, typically ranging from one to six months, to allow staff time off to travel, pursue voluntary work or study. Your organisation may also benefit from an employee returning with new skills such as a new language or qualification, or a renewed and refreshed attitude to work.
  • Inspiration days: Each employee takes a day out of the office each year to do an activity that will boost their creativity and enable them to bring back new ideas to the team.
  • Shopping discounts: Many companies offer employees online access to a  portal whether they can purchase discounted gift cards and vouchers for a range of retailers, or cashback on their online purchases. Some companies also get discounts from their local high street restaurants and shops, which helps support the local community as well as employees’ wallets.
  • Wellbeing initiatives: These could incorporatemental health support, monthly massages, yoga sessions, duvet days, early Friday finishes, an annual weekend away, and free or subsidised gym membership.
  • Development programmes: In addition to formal training, these could includea dedicated training budget for each individual to use as they wish, mentoring programmes, fast-track career progression opportunities and leadership development schemes.
  • Socials: These can range from regular team outings paid for by the company, such as monthly team lunches, to full-on summer camping festivals.

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