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Why January is a great time to recruit

According to data from PRWeek Jobs, the new year is a peak time to recruit, with 31% more job applications made on the site in January 2019 than the average over 12 months.*

The number of job views also saw a spike in January, and the second-highest number of job views on the site occurred in May, followed by September.

It’s a trend we’ve seen year-on-year, which confirms that, for PR agencies, brands and recruitment consultancies looking to hire top PR talent, January is a prime time to actively advertise your jobs and target jobseekers who are looking to land their next PR job.

With that in mind, here are three reasons to invest in your recruitment advertising at the start of the year.

1. Get more bang for your buck: As more jobseekers apply for jobs in January than any other month, you’re more likely to successfully find your ideal candidate when you actively advertise this month. In addition, you could grab a good deal through recruitment sites offering discounts in their version of the ‘January sales’. Check out PRWeek Jobs’ online offers here.

2. Take advantage of new year’s resolutions: A YouGov poll in December 2017** revealed that the seventh most popular new year’s resolution is to ‘get a new job’. This is yet another reason to not only target active jobseekers but also those who are open to new opportunities even if they’re not actively looking.

3. Refresh your employer brand: The new year is a time when many people are reviewing their career goals; why not also use this time to review your employer brand and communicate the unique opportunities you offer? Even if your ideal candidate is not actively jobseeking, they will be more open to new opportunities and could be persuaded if the right opportunity comes along.

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* Source: Madgex Insights, 1 December 2018 - 30 November 2019

**YouGov poll, 2017

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