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Why you need to be even more creative during the Covid-19 pandemic

Creativity is sometimes seen as the ‘nice-to-do-when-you-have-the-time’ luxury. Yet there’s probably not been such an urgent need in living memory to maximise your creativity to respond as resourcefully as possible to COVID-19 and the prospects of a ‘new normal’.

You face major challenges, possibly some painful decisions, with difficult prospects ahead.

You need to be responding to the immediate demands of the lockdown world. Yet you also need to be preparing for post-lockdown. With economist predicting tough times ahead, it is not going to be easy. Amidst the uncertainty, one thing is certain: none of us are going back to ‘normal’. Facing a different situation, you will need to think different.

Yet what if you are not alone. What if you had a creativity expert alongside you? Someone to offer support and sensible practical guidance, with prompts to guide your responses? An ally to maximise your potential, boost your capability and enable you to plan your responses. Someone to enable you to do the vital and necessary ‘thinking different’.

Each week the PRCA will be sharing a new Creativity tool.

The lockdown is a massive disruption, bringing grief, pain and discomfort. It’s also an opportunity. Your ‘normal’ is disrupted. Your previous work/life balance has been interrupted. Some are more philosophical, others may understandably be worried or stressed.

You are in a different place - physically and mentally. And you need to act different.

Yes, you have new challenges. How do you now juggle different responsibilities?

Yet you are likely to have more ‘bandwidth’ - the mental headspace to reflect and incubate intuitions, ideas and inspirations. You may not have a commute, office distractions, and usual flow of emails/phone calls. This creates space for you to play with, exercise your brilliant brain, and realise new thinking and doing

You now have a new narrative. Or the need for a new narrative. You are not going back to ‘normal’. What would a better ‘normal’ look like? What would a worse ‘normal’ look like? What do you need to do maximize the positive or minimise the negative?

Each week during the Covid-19 lockdown we will be sharing a new creativity tool to spark, stretch, focus, or disrupt your thinking. To prime you to new opportunities and to look at the familiar in new ways. To get you better prepared for the ‘new normal’.

Your Covid-19 Creativity Survival Kit is designed to cover four key dimensions to your response to the Coronavirus lockdown:

1.       Response to pandemic (Reveal your authentic quality: if you care find ways to show it)

2.       Explore new ways of doing (Use the disruption to reflect on new ways of doing what you do)

3.       Prepare for post-lockdown (We all face a ‘new normal’. What will good or bad ‘normal’ look like and what you can do to prepare)

4.       Hit the ground running (How you seize the early initiative)

It will be like taking your mind to a gym for a work-out to exercise your innate creative talent.

Use the new tools, some specially created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They can be used for work or your life beyond. They are designed to make use of one of your most precious gifts - your creative and storytelling ability - combined with your determination to make the most of any new opportunity, and face up to, overcome the challenges you face.

Watch out for the new tools each week to enable you to survive or thrive. You aren’t alone with the PRCA. None of us are going back to ‘normal’.


Andy Green, 21 years ago wrote the world’s first book on the subject, ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ (since writing six more books translated into eight languages) He has trained more than 5,000 professionals in creative thinking skills. Pre-lockdown, he even ran creativity classes on the London Tube.

Andy also runs the PRCA ‘Transform your Creativity’ and ‘Brand & Brand Storytelling’ workshops (new online courses available in May).