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What is PR?

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Public Relations, or 'PR', is all about the way organisations communicate with the public, promote themselves, and build a positive reputation and public image.

The way an organisation is represented in the media has a huge impact on how people perceive it. PR professionals try to influence the media to represent their organisation positively and communicate key messages.


Working in PR

The industry offers a wealth of opportunities. A PR job could see you organising events, participating in conversations on Twitter, writing press releases, placing stories in newspapers and magazines and promoting some of the world’s most exciting charities and brands. 

Getting a Job in PR

If you want to get into PR, there are a couple of routes you can take. If you have completed A-levels or equivalent but have not attended university, then you can apply for the PR Apprenticeship. If you have a degree related to PR/Communications, then you can get into PR by doing a graduate scheme or work experience and internships and then applying for junior PR roles.

Grad Schemes

Many of the largest PR Agencies in London run graduate schemes. These are often year-long programmes where graduates can get their start in the business, moving around different departments and gaining great experience and training.

Work experience/internships

If you don’t go the grad scheme route, you will need to get some work experience. Most PR employers expect to see some work experience. Start by taking a look at the PR agencies near to where you live and the kind of work they do. Lots of PR agencies and departments would be happy to receive the help, and it would look great on your CV.

Is it for me?

If you are a strong writer and communicator, interested and engaged in all forms of media, have a creative mind and consider yourself a 'people person' then PR could offer a great career option for you.

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