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PRCA Health Conference - Healthcare Communications in the Personalised Age


16 Jul 2020







Join virtually to gain inside access into the world of Healthcare PR and comms. Hear from the industry’s leading speakers and gain insight the sectors most current topics.

This conference will be virtual.

Event Type: Conference

Event Overview


15:30-16:00 - Pre-networking 

Keynote: Welcoming a new decade of healthcare storytelling

  • Ian Ray MPRCA, Associate Creative Director, Pegasus

Session 1: 16:15-16:45

Facts vs figures: Communications in the age of personality campaigns. Facilitated Q&A

The last few years have demonstrated that we are currently living in the age of the personality.  Recent successful political campaigns have based their strategies on targeting emotions over rational, evidence-led grounds, something echoed by Gove’s comment that “people have had enough of experts”.

In healthcare, NHS England has accused Gwyneth Paltrow for fuelling health myths 'on steroids', while the influence of anti-vaccination groups has witnessed the resurgence of diseases which had once thought to have been eradicated. In this age of the personality, this session will explore what the role and value of information in campaigns and how organisations should adapt their strategies to resonate with their audiences.

Moderator: Matt Hare-Scott CMPRCA, Associate Director, Porter Novelli


  • Matt Worrall, Associate Director, Policy & Communication, MSD
  • Dr David Robert Grimes, cancer researcher, science writer and advocate and fake news expert
  • Roudie Shafie MPRCA, Director, OVID Health

BREAK - 15 minutes  

Session 2: 17:00-17:30

How can digital strategies create more human conversations? Panel discussion with Q&A


Digital communications has evolved rapidly over the last decade to become an integral way for companies to identify, understand and communicate with their audiences. However, factors such as information saturation, online abuse and greater ease to filter feeds around topics, have seen a growing amount on online audiences move toward smaller, community-based communications, either in community-centred platforms around specific interests, or via private messaging, stories, and small groups.

With the focus increasingly on personalisation, how can companies continue to reach and resonate with their audiences in a meaningful way?

This session will explore how companies are evolving their digital strategies to identify, engage and resonate with their audiences, particularly, as with healthcare, if these audiences are patients.

Moderator: Jon Buckley MPRCA, Director of Digital, Strategy & Insights, Pegasus


  • Maja Pawinska Sims, Associate Editor (EMEA), PRovoke Media
  • Rachel Royall MPRCA, Director of Healthcare, Wellbeing and Pharma, Markettiers
  • Natalie Orringe, Chief Marketing Officer, Access Intelligence

Session 3: 17:30-18:00

Creativity in health – Is it needed now more than ever? Panel discussion with Q&A

In an era of fake news which is leading to a dissolution of trust in our oldest institutions and uncertainty about the future across the globe, healthcare communications campaigns that resonate with the right audiences at the right time are more important than ever before.

Creativity is a cornerstone of how health companies should be building their communications campaigns, yet it is still slow on the uptake.

Hear from the people behind some of the most impactful health campaigns built with earned creative at their core about WHY we need more creativity in health, HOW they achieve success and WHAT it’s done for their clients and businesses.

Moderator: Ishtar Schneider CMPRCA, Associate Director, Edelman


  • Esin Cittone MPRCA, Creative Director (Health), Edelman Deportivo
  • Annie Smith, Senior Content Manager, Cannes Lions
  • Rebecca Rhodes, Co-Founder, SuperHuman and previous jury member, Cannes Lions Health

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This event is worth 20 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.