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PRCA: B2B Group: ChatGPT: Fad, threat, or the future of B2B Comms?


12 Apr 2023







Time: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Date: Wednesday, 12th April 2023

Location: Grayling PR, Holborn Gate,26 Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1AN

Event Type: Group Event

Address: Grayling PR, London, WC2A 1AN

Event Overview

2023 is witnessing an AI revolution, from copywriting to media relations, research to brainstorms. The latest obsession is ChatGPT. For some it’s a fad, for others it’s a threat, and for a few, it’s the future of our industry.

In this session, Alex Warren, author of Spin Machines and tech PR pro at Wildfire, looks beyond the hype to consider how AI is about to reshape B2B Comms.

Key topics will include: the pros, cons, and downright lies about Chat-GPT; how B2B communicators can benefit from AI; and how we fight complacency in the face of automation.