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Where Practice Meets Academia


09 May 2023







Date: Tuesday, 9th May, 2023

Time: 14.00-17.30 BST
Location: FOUR COMMUNICATIONS, The Hickman Building, 2 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1FX

Event Type: Industry Event


Event Overview

We have - in the UK - a rich legacy of contributing to and driving research in the field of public relations and communication management at a global level and yet our industry practice remains largely separated from our knowledge communities. 

This event - in collaboration with the PRCA and CIPR - aims to integrate academic and practice networks to facilitate knowledge sharing.

By starting the discussion as practitioners enter the industry, we hope to help to close gaps between research and practice and to highlight opportunities to collaborate as a community.

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Gabriela Weiss

2:25 - 2:45 

Future of PR panel

The PRCA International University Advisory Group (IUAG) was established in April 2022 to address the enduring gap between academia and professional practice across the global PR and communications industry.

Made up of leading academics from across the world, including the UK, North America, South Africa, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and Pakistan, the IUAG's works with both academics and PR practitioners to develop global research, campaigns, and events to help bridge the academic-professional gap, better support students' transition from school to career, and ultimately, advance the industry's standing in the business world.

This panel will share details of the group’s current research.

Thomas Stoeckle, Keren Darmon and Nicky Garsten 

2:50 - 3:30

The uneasy journey from practice to theory

Stephen Waddington is a part-time PhD research student at Leeds Business School, investigating the relationship between public relations and management. In this session, he'll talk about his motivation for returning to school after a 25-year career in public relations and the journey on which he finds himself.

Stephen Waddington and Rod Cartwright 

3:35 - 4:15

Newcastle University Alumni Panel 

Practice & Academia – Gap or Perceived Gap? 

Recent Newcastle University graduates will share their diverse perspectives on how their learning experience influenced the trajectories of their careers: what they brought to their workplaces, what they wish they’d known before they left university, and what employers can do to attract and support talent. The panel discussion will start as a moderated panel and then move into an open Q&A with the audience.

Chaired by Ramona Slusarczyk and feat.

Ning Channing Cheng,

Yoko Tochihara,

Sarah-Jayne Taylorson and

Will Wollaston

4:20 - 4:45 

Global Student Voice Research Spring 2023

This panel will discuss the kind findings from a study designed to take soundings from international PR/communications students about their views on working in PR. 

The aim was to capture valuable insight, from our soon-to-be PR practitioners, about the issues important to them as they look ahead to careers in the industry.  

Chaired by Sian Rees and feat. Daniel Ibrahim, Neil Grant and Chichi Eze

4:50 - 5:15 

Closing Remarks

Why do we have to choose?

Anne Gregory examines how a persistent industry problem led to a new approach to theory in the key synergy of practice informing theory.  

Understand why she rejects the academic/practitioner divide and how an industry approach to her led to a practical outcome in the Global Capability Framework. She’ll also discuss barriers to collaboration and opening doors.

Anne Gregory 

From 5:15