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Threads Explored: Insights and Perspectives on the Newest Platform


21 Jul 2023






Event Type: Industry Event

Event Overview

Threads, the new social media platform that has been operational for two weeks, is the focus of an upcoming discussion organised by the PRCA. This online event aims to gather insights from early adopters as well as those who have been observing from the sidelines.

Key points of interest to be explored include:

  • User Experiences: Participants will share their experiences with Threads and discuss what they find positive about the platform, as well as areas that may need improvement.
  • Client Interest: The discussion will delve into whether clients are actively seeking to join the Threads platform. Additionally, participants will explore the types of clients that are expressing interest, providing valuable insights into the market demand.
  • Integration with Campaigns: Participants will discuss effective strategies for incorporating Threads into ongoing campaigns and examine the specific dynamics of its relationship with Instagram.
  • Implications for Twitter: The impact of Threads on Twitter will be considered. Panellists will analyse the potential effects on Twitter's user base and engagement, gaining a better understanding of the relationship between the two platforms.

Chair: Maja Pawinska Sims, Associate Editor EMEA, PRovoke Media


Orla Graham – Insights Consultant, CARMA

Tamara Littleton – CEO and Founder, The Social Element Agency

Yla O’Riordan – Account Director, Red Consultancy

Darryl Sparey – Co-founder, The Family

Robert Stone - Head of Z3, Zeno Group

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