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Workplace Champions Awards 2024

Workplace Champions celebrates the leading places to work, live, and thrive in the PR industry.

These awards aim to highlight the agencies and in-house teams that go the extra mile to establish positive and inclusive working environments for colleagues, as well as showcasing organisations that practice what they preach, leading by example to deliver equal opportunities and positive experiences for all their stakeholders.  

Organisations recognised as Workplace Champions will prove their commitment to ensuring employees feel heard, valued, and respected across all levels of seniority.

Key Dates:
- Entries Open: Wednesday, 13th December 2023
- Entry Deadline: Thursday, 22nd February 2024
- Finalist Announcement: Wednesday, 20th March 2024
- Awards night: Wednesday, 17th April 2024

To enter the awards, please submit and pay for your entries here. 

The entry fee permits you to enter both a Workplace Champions team category, as well as the outstanding professional award category (if desired). A seperate document must be submitted for each.

Workplace Champions applications will be divided into the following:
- Small Agency: Up to 25 staff
- Medium Agency: Up to 50 staff
- Large Agency: Up to 100 staff
- Very Large Agency: 100 + staff
- In-house Team
- Outstanding Professional Award*

*This award recognises an individual within the workplace who has led the way on internal issues such as employee welfare, mental health awareness, ethical matters, and generally improving the working environment for all. This award is open for any individual within a PR consultancy or in-house team to enter, be it the CEO or an unsung hero. Entries for this category should be a maximum of 750 words. The awards entry fee permits you to enter both a Workplace Champions team category, as well as the outstanding professional award category (if desired). A seperate document must be submitted for each.

In addition to each of the team awards, judges will decide on an additional winner for each of the following specialist categories:

- Employee Value Champion
- Training & Development Champion
- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champion
- Positive Impact Champion

All entrants to the 2024 Workplace Champions awards will be considered for the above specialist categories.

Judges will decide on these winners based on all team submissions. The winners will be the organisations which the judges deemed to have demonstrated particularly outstanding results in one of these four key areas.

What does it take to be a Workplace Champion?

You must demonstrate the following four key attributes:
- Employee Value
- Training & Development
- Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
- Positive Impact

1.) Employee Value

Please outline your Employee Value Proposition. Using examples/evidence/figures of how your organization adds value to the lives of your employees. Consider the following:

  • Employee care: How do you support your employee’s mental and physical welfare?
  • Flexibility: How much flexibility you allow your employees to have from the choice of when and where they work through to the choice of the work they do.
  • Maternity/paternity leave: What is your approach to maternity/paternity leave?
  • Your approach to holidays / annual leave.
  • Your approach to professional development for each staff member as well as creating an inclusive and equitable place to progress.
  • What additional benefits do you offer to staff and what do these benefits mean to your employees?

2.) Training & Development
Please outline your commitment to staff training and development. Consider the following:

  • Professional development: Do you have a CPD plan? Do you ensure that your employees are given ongoing training? Participated in PRCA CMS?
  • How does your organisation manage staff training? What resources are allocated to staff training and development?
  • Do you have a clearly defined progression path for employees and what does that look like? How is the progression plan communicated and How achievable is the progression?
  • Internships: How do you treat your interns? Are they paid? How many interns go on to become full-time staff members?

3.) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Describe your organisation’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Consider:

  • Do you monitor the recruitment and progression of diverse groups?
  • How do you ensure candidates for roles are sourced from the broadest pool?
  • How do you engage with diverse employees, and do you track retention and progression of diverse groups?
  • Do you report on any pay gaps and what action are you taking to address them?
  • What is your position on supplier diversity?

4.) Positive Impact
Please describe how your organisation approaches ESG and acts in a responsible and sustainable way, to in turn deliver a positive impact on the planet/society/the economy. Do consider:

  • Footprint: How do you handle your company’s environmental footprint?
  • Do you operate any schemes or incentives to encourage staff to travel by more environmentally friendly means?
  • Does your agency consider it’s social impact? Is charity work considered and/or volunteer days offered to staff?
  •  Does your organisation have a moral code with regards to who you will or won’t represent? Can employees be excused from working on accounts they are not comfortable with?
  • Is diversity taken into account within your leadership team?
  • Has your company undertaken any other notable steps to improve its ESG strategy? Is progress monitored / tracked?

Entries for the Workplace Champions Team Awards should contain up to 1,500 words, responding to all four areas - in order to provide a 360-degree insight into the ethical positioning of the agency. Please be aware you MUST include at least 1 concrete example in each of the four areas.

Entry Guidelines
The entry fee permits you to enter both a Workplace Champions team category, and the outstanding professional award category (if desired). A seperate document must be submitted for each.

To enter the awards, please submit and pay for your entries here.

Entry Fees
PRCA member entry: £215 + VAT
Non-member entry: £275 + VAT

2023 Workplace Champions Winners:

Small Agency 
Liz Male Consulting (LMC)

Medium Agency 
Milk & Honey PR

Large Agency 
WPR Agency Ltd

Very Large Agency 
The PHA Group

In-house Team 
Buckinghamshire Council

Outstanding Professional Award 
Liam Keogh, Palm

Employee Value 
Jack & Grace  

Training & Development 
Zeno London

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
Milk & Honey PR

Positive Impact 

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Interested in sponsoring Workplace Champions?

We are looking for a number of strategic partners to support the event. For more details on the packages available, please contact Steve Miller on or phone us on 020 7233 6026