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Emanuela Giangregorio MPRCA

About Emanuela

Emanuela has over 15 years experience as a performance improvement consultant, and practices in professional training, coaching, team building and project management. She has written and delivered a variety of project management training programmes, implemented project methodologies for organisations, coached project managers to be effective in their role and managed projects through the project life cycle. She has practiced across many industry sectors and in several countries including most European countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, Asia Pacific and the USA. Emanuela’s training and facilitation approach is energetic, practical and motivational. Through her experience in leading international teams on complex projects, course attendees enjoy her anecdotes, real life examples and recommended best practises. Emanuela delivers open and tailored in-house project management training programmes for the PRCA and our clients.

Training Theory

"My approach to training shows an appreciation for a variety of learning styles and learning objectives. When it comes to delivering successful PR projects, there are a variety of factors that come into play, and one of the most important aspects is managing the various stakeholder relationships on projects. In this regard, I ensure course participants not only know how to deliver projects professionally at a practical level, but also learn how to positively influence and align the key relationships they manage on their projects. Whatever the topic, I take course participants on a fun, focused and interactive learning journey that leaves them with tools, techniques and insights they can apply immediately back in the workplace."


Emanuela is familiar with most popular project methodologies. She is qualified as a PRINCE2 practitioner, and helps individuals and teams apply any methodology in a way that practically aligns with the types of projects they work on and with the culture of their organisation and their industry. Emanuela is also an associate lecturer at the London School of Business and Finance, where she delivers Advanced Certificates for international students on topics relating to consultancy, project management and strategic leadership. As a Master NLP Practitioner, Emanuela uses her skill to infuse course participants with high levels of engagement and commitment to personal and professional performance improvement.

Courses by Emanuela