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PRCA Purpose

The PRCA’s Purpose Group is open to all member organisations with an interest in purpose-led communications.

In the current global context, organisations are facing a number of complex challenges and are quickly recognising the need to demonstrate social value as well as financial value.

Previously, companies referred to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but more recently we have seen a shift to social purpose, which should form an integral part of a company’s business model. Purpose has now become a critical part of a company’s reputation.

The Purpose Group aims to highlight the importance of purpose-driven communications and provide an opportunity for open dialogue amongst member organisations on this area of expertise. We hope to support communications professionals engage in the debate around purpose and help shape the future of the industry.  

We are looking to bring members together to share best practices and practical experiences in order to enhance understanding and promote opportunities around purpose-led communications. 

Throughout the year, we will be hosting a selection of events aimed at attendees of all levels within member organisations, including workshops, panel discussions and speaker-focused events.

Since purpose is a common thread running through all areas of communications, we recognise there may be some overlap with other PRCA Groups. As such, we are open to collaborations and welcome any ideas and contributions from other members!

This Group is sponsored by MediaHQ. 

 To find out about speaker opportunities, please contact