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Ukraine Communication Support Network

The Ukraine Communication Support Network (UCSN) was established by the PRCA and ICCO in March 2022 to coordinate volunteer communications activity in support of the people of Ukraine.

Co-Chaired by Nataliya Popovych and David Gallagher, the UCSN invites communications professionals around the world to submit proposals and projects for voluntary communications activity. 

A steering committee comprised of Ukrainian and international communications leaders oversees approvals, which are designed to accelerate and amplify support for the people of Ukraine.

Support categories
Communications professionals are invited to submit projects/proposals across 12 main categories. Please read the descriptons below before submitting a project/proposal.

  1. Secretariat Support for UCSN - Provide ongoing strategic, administrative and content support for UCSN activity, including proposal management and reporting, web and social media support, media relations.
  2. Ukraine Government Support- Provide daily strategic support on messaging, crisis response, media relations support  to related resources in Ukraine.
  3. International Media and Journalist Support - Assist journalists with content, interview support, access to reporting assets.
  4. Promote Independent Journalism In Ukraine - Campaigns to promote independent journalism resources in Ukraine as trustworthy information sources. Activities could include communication efforts to assist the raising of financial support or other means of support. 
  5. Promote International Refugee Support - Campaigns to aid recognised international refugee support organizations and efforts to promote fundraising, volunteering, public policy or other areas of technical support.
  6. Promote Domestic Refugee Support -Campaigns to aid domestic refugee support organizations in efforts to promote fundraising, volunteering, public policy and other areas of technical support.
  7. Legal Aid Support - Efforts to promote and collaborate with legal assistance programs to promote resources and policies for refugees. 
  8. Public Awareness -Projects for raising / maintaining public attention, including vigils, demonstrations and other events.
  9. Business Continuity Support - Campaigns to support businesses, cultural institutions, and other communities in Ukraine or in exile. 
  1. Digital, Web and Developer Support
  2. Social Media and Content Production Support 
  3. Credible Information / Counter Misinformation - campaigns and resources to promote credible sources of news and information; projects and resources to counter misinformation/disinformation. 

Steering Committee
Elena Bakum-Ramola, Publicis Groupe Ukraine
Alexandra Bell, Golin
Rod Cartwright, Rod Cartwright Consulting
David Gallagher, DG Advisory
Iva Grigorova, MSL Sofia
Heather Kernahan, Hotwire
Nitin Mantri, Avian WE
Alex Myers, Manifest
Nataliya Popovych, Ukraine Crisis Media Center
Olena Sukhanova, MSL Ukraine
Grzegorz Szczepanski, Hill + Knowlton Strategies

For further information on the UCSN, please contact PRCA Director of Communications & Marketing, Koray Camgoz.
+44 7503632687


For clarification following recent publicity: The Ukraine Communication Support Network is a PRCA and ICCO initiative. It is not connected in any way with The PR Network or its founders.