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A Christmas message from the PRCA

2018 was quite a year for the PRCA. As we approach 2019, I thought I’d highlight a few successes over the past twelve months.

We grew in every direction, and we grew all of the services we offer:

  • We welcomed over a hundred new corporate members, and over a thousand individual ones  
  • The APPC voted to merge with us, creating one voice for the public affairs industry
  • We assumed management responsibility for LGComms, the voice of PR professionals in local government -and proceeded to double it in size, and to host its largest ever Academy
  • The Marketing Agencies Action Group -the successor to the MAA- also awarded us a management contract, reflecting the blending of disciplines we see all around us
  • We launched PRCA Southeast Asia, with a physical presence in Singapore to match PRCA MENA and our office in Dubai
  • ICCO, the voice of PR consultancies around the world, grew even further, now representing 3,000 agencies in 66 countries
  • We created five new Regional and Sectoral Group
  • We hosted over 200 free-to-attend events, in every part of the UK
  • 515 training courses were offered, with our CPD Programme signing up record numbers of participants
  • There are more apprentices on programme than ever before, changing the face and composition of our industry
  • We launched our first residential Leadership Academy, with more to come next year
  • We published our first book series
  • We worked on campaigns with like-minded organisations such as AMEC, Women In PR, the GCS; FirePRO; and Global Women In PR; and with like-minded people such as Sarah Hall MPRCA, Alex Aiken FPRCA, and Barry Leggetter FPRCA
  • We signed a deal with the Dutch Association Logeion, offering our members access to one-another’s services  
  • Our PR and Communications Council set a bold policy agenda, centred around purpose
  • We hosted and spoke at literally dozens of industry conferences, always making the case for PR as an ethical and professional practice
  • Best practice guides, research pieces, and data-rich publications aplenty were issued
  • And at all times, we celebrated the Power Of Communication

Next year will be 50 years since the PRCA was founded by 12 agency heads. The organisation is today unrecognisable in size and scope to its original self. But its aim remains the same -to be the voice of the industry.  We have great plans for 2019. On which note -Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Board and staff of the PRCA.

Francis Ingham MPRCA
Director General, PRCA
Chief Executive, ICCO
Executive Director, LGComms