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Team-building in Lockdown

COVID-19 Creativity Bespoke Toolkit 2

Delivered by Andy Green MPRCA as one of three COVID-19 Creativity Toolkit bespoke sessions.


How can you build teamwork, spark better collaborative skills during lockdown, and do something together that’s inspiring, transformational and good fun? A workshop designed for in-house or agency teams.

Responding to Covid-19 is creating profound challenges for creative businesses in managing the creative dimension in your work, getting the best out of your team, and motivating people spread across different locations.

Being physically separated you create barriers to growing the soft skills of team cohesion, teambuilding, social capital; just by simply being with each other creates a shared sense of togetherness, shared experiences and relationships. You need to provide something practical that demonstrates you care.

You face a critical need to move to a higher level of collaborative working to ensure good partnership working internally and externally.

There is also the profound issues of dangers to individual mental well-being and mindfulness that can be a downside to working from home, which undermines self-belief and confidence that underpin delivering outstanding creativity and storytelling.

  • How do you get you, your team to deliver outstanding creativity during Lockdown?
  • How do you overcome the challenges created through Lockdown as well as seize the opportunities it presents?
  • How can you build a creative team culture when the team are working from home?
  • How can you create a competitive advantage by your response to these challenges?

Teambuilding through creativity and storytelling is a new way to enable you to succeed in these difficult, disruptive times.

A. The days of working together, physically alongside fellow team members are currently gone (or at least severely limited). In delivering creativity, you cannot make things happen by the sheer presence and energy of outstanding talent pulling everyone else along. You cannot bluff or fudge your way through, just letting things happen by osmosis. Working in isolated teams undermines sharing, tacit learning, stuff that is not written down but is instinctively absorbed. Gone are the unconscious action learning, where you pick up knowhow by sitting alongside someone, overhearing the conversations, observing the physical and non-verbal goings-on, the ‘development by earwigging’.

B. Yet, there are also significant upsides to harnessing lockdown for creative performance. It creates new opportunities for wider networking and better use of technology to aid agile and flexible thinking. Lockdown makes better use of times when you need to act in isolation and has forced you to do some things you should be doing anyway.

The way ahead

‘Teambuilding in Lockdown through Creativity and Storytelling’ enables you and your team to be more capable, connected and confident by:

  1. Being smarter on creative and storytelling fundamentals. You need a better minimum skill level that know about core processes that make creative, agile and flexible thinking, problem diagnosis and solving, idea nurturing and development happen. And how strategic narratives work and how to feed off them with inspiring stories. You to listen for narratives in any communication. If you want to change behaviour you need to change the underlying script.
  2. Know your creative and collaborative personality profile to improve personal and team performance You need greater mindfulness and purposefulness on how to manage motivating yourself and others, and how to optimise collaborative working. how to manage yourself better. Understand better different strengths when inter-acting and collaborating.
  3. Expand your toolkit. Use the new Listen:Connect:Do model that provides a better Lockdown-friendly Creative and Stroytelling Toolkit with new Lockdown-friendly ways of doing, collaborating and team working. Making better use of isolation Better fluency in individual and team working
  4. More pro-active social capital building and team engagement activity. Use creative social-distance-friendly team building and bonding activities to make the connections sweat harder and spark more frequently.
  5. Combine greater structure with greater freedom - maximise resource for different stages of the creative dynamic, seizing advantage of quality isolation time, even boredom to avoid downtime
  6. Make Conversations work harder, make them more purposeful and build you listening, connecting and doing skills
  7. Create a new vision and sense of purpose - the rocket fuel to inject greater meaning and purposefulness in what you do to drive you through difficult times and overcome major obstacles

Session includes pre and post workshop 1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions with participants to ensure the content is tailored to meet your specific needs and the new learning and tools are embedded in your on-going work.

Get in touch now to discover how ‘Teambuilding in Lockdown through Creativity and Storytelling’ enables you to overcome challenges and make the most of new opportunities.

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COVID-19 Creativity Bespoke Toolkit 2