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Virtual Team Cohesion & Corporate Culture Catalyst

Two seperate sessions designed to boost both team and company-wide productivity, delviered by Rachel Boothroyd MPRCA. 

Virtual team cohesion: This course uses the Five Behaviours model created by bestselling author Patrick Lencioni.
The aim of this programme is to improve your team's effectiveness through the understanding and application of The Five Behaviours: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.  We help build high-performance teams culture through better communication and collaboration.

Each member of the team will receive a personalised 26-page report assessing their style and the team behaviours.
A free follow up progress report is available for the team so you can assess how the team has progressed after the workshop.  


Corporate culture catalyst: Company culture is one of the main reasons cited for connection and affinity with an organisation.  A common language of people and our tendencies is the ideal catalyst to allow your culture to flourish as one of connection and understanding.
This course uses the internationally recognised Everything DiSC methodology to create a shared language of personality tendencies - in communication, conflict, under pressure and motivation.  Through this the team gain insight into themselves and each other as well as practical strategies for how to work together, collaborate, inspire and get through difficulties.  

Each member of the team will receive a personalised Everything DiSC Catalyst profile. This is an online mobile-friendly report featuring videos and easily accessible content.  All team members will be featured interactively within each other's profiles to ease day-to-day use of the tips and strategies suggested for working better together.