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Apprentice Q&A


Jack Moriarty was the first apprentice for Golin. He is now a full time member of staff. During his apprenticeship, he impressed the client so much in a recent pitch that the client called him out as a key reason that they wanted to work with us. Here’s his story of starting out his career in PR.


What were your options when you left school? University?

I left Sixth Form after failing my first year of University and pretty much had no options as I didn’t have a particular career in mind.


Why did you opt for the apprenticeship route?

I was fed up with the usual way of learning, being sat inside a classroom five days a week had become tedious. Being able to learn whilst also earning money seemed the perfect route to pursue.


How did you find out about this particular role?

I started off doing two weeks work experience, as I was looking for an apprenticeship in the industry but I also wanted to be sure it was the right path to follow. After those two weeks I was invited back for an interview to become Golin’s first apprentice.


What attracted you to the role and the company?

The number of intelligent professionals I’d be working with was a huge pull, as I knew it was a great place to learn. The big brands and the overall office environment made it very clear that I would enjoy my job on a day to day basis.


What's it like - is it hard work? Is it great to be doing an interesting job rather than stuck studying?

The work isn’t easy and some days can be more stressful than others but overall I enjoy my job, regardless of the challenges. Learning naturally rather than forcing my head into a book is a lot more exciting.