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PRCA Guild

Guild PR and comms professionals community. picture of phone on right side

Guild is a platform purpose-built for professional groups, networks and communities to connect, communicate and collaborate. Feel free to join any or both of our two new Guild communities - PR and Communications group and PR Academia group.

Community for PR and comms professionals

PRCA PR and Communications group

Welcome to the PRCA PR and Communications group. This community is for building new networks, challenging ideas, and staying updated on the latest industry news from the world’s largest PR professional body.

PRCA membership is not a criteria to join. Everyone is welcome.

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Community for PR academia

PR Academia group

Welcome to the PR Academia group. This community is for academics and practitioners interested in bridging the professional and academic gap. Come here to collaborate, share ideas and interesting content (including events), get feedback, and build helpful connections.

PRCA membership is not a criteria to join although if you want to find out more about our Partner University programme, feel free to take a look. Anyone that is interested in considered, thoughtful and interesting discussion is welcome.

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