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You can teach an old dog new tricks!

So, at the ripe old age of 56, I am fully enrolled in the Apprenticeship Scheme and on my way to hopefully, getting my very first qualification! I have had moments when I have wondered what on earth I was thinking and at the beginning I kicked myself for assuming that, at my age, I could take on such a challenge. I thought about it for a while as it is something that requires lots of reading, writing, concentrating and a fair amount of organisation, as well as holding down my full-time job and being a wife and mum. When I was at school it was CSE’s and O Levels and I didn’t do very well at either of those!

However, I am pleased to say I have actually started to enjoy the process. I am learning new things, which is great.  I am reading lots about the PR industry and finding interesting facts about ethics in PR and the law; I’ve taken part in several webinars which are really informative and have tested me on my grammar and I am about to attend my second course in London. The first was an Introduction to PR which was great and the next is Selling into the Media. I have another booked for September which is about Presentations, not my strong point so that should be good fun!

I am really lucky to have huge support from my colleagues at work and I am already finding that I understand a bit more about certain functions in my day to day activities. I’ve even been called upon for advice on apostrophes!

I know I am probably the oldest person at my place of work to take on an apprenticeship but that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. In fact, I have found some people have been rather impressed that I am an apprentice and that I am taking on such a task (at my age!).

I manage most weeks to work from home for one day and I spend that time reading and taking part in webinars, writing notes and preparing reports. It is a learning curve, that goes without saying and it does take time and concentration and energy but I am feeling that the outcome will be more than worth the effort. I will actually have a qualification! Imagine that!

I am only at the beginning of my journey and I’m sure there will be ups and downs along the way but I am pleased that I am on this road and hope to make the most of it.