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The Apprentice 2.0: My Pathway To Success

I’m now in the final stages of my apprenticeship and can almost see my diploma certificate on the horizon. It’s been quite a journey full of many different experiences, and I’d like to take this opportunity to share my biggest learnings from being a PR apprentice.

  • Enthusiasm is key – When I started my apprenticeship I feared that I wasn’t going to be good enough. The reality is, an employer can’t expect an apprentice to have a wealth of PR experience at the start. That’s the whole point of doing the apprenticeship: to get a foot in the door. Now we’re recruiting for our next apprentice, I’ve realised the most important thing at the start isn’t being all-knowledgeable about PR, it’s about knowing you have the right skillset and the enthusiasm to immerse yourself in the world of communications for 18 months.

  • Use your resources – Being an apprentice doesn’t just mean getting your head down and completing your written coursework. A hard-working attitude is important of course, but I’ve found it just as useful to attend industry events, network with peers, and absorb as much experience as possible. The whole aim of an apprenticeship is to offer hands-on learning.

  • Never say no… – …to a good opportunity to learn. The busier you are at work, the more it can sometimes feel as if it’s holding you back from your studies. Truthfully, the knowledge I’ve developed in my working career has been the best resource available to completing my coursework. So if you feel you can handle it, take the extra responsibilities and opportunities given to you, as they are likely to help you in the long run. Remember to ask for help if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

For those considering this apprenticeship, I would offer one piece of advice. PR isn’t a career you go into for the money or fame. It’s for people who thrive on analysis and strategic thinking, those with a creative personality, a curious nature and (most importantly for me) those who want to change perspectives with the power of communication.