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Hire a PR Apprentice

For more information, contact Harry Bristow 

020 7233 6026 

The PR Apprenticeship is a programme whereby the PRCA recruits and trains new junior members of staff for you. Apprentices work full time whilst studying towards a level 4 Higher Apprenticeship qualification, equivalent to the first year of a degree.

How does it work?

  • The PRCA are able to post your vacancy and run a thorough recruitment process, sending you a shortlist of candidates to interview.
  • Once selected and hired, the apprentice is a full time employee of the organisation.
  • They are required to spend the equivalent of one day per week on apprenticeship work, which can be done from the office.
  • A PRCA assessor guides them through the qualification.
  • Assessment is competency based – the apprentice’s daily work should provide the evidence for the qualification criteria.
  • Apprentices' work-based learning is supported by PRCA accredited webinars and face-to-face training courses.

How long is the Apprenticeship?

  • 12-15 months – apprentices are usually hired on a full time, 15 month fixed-term contract
  • Apprentices must work between 35-40 hours per week. 

What happens at the end of the Apprenticeship?

  • Currently 75% of PR Apprentices stay on with their employer after completing the apprenticeship.
  • Where this is not possible, the PRCA will support the apprentice in finding a new role.
  • The employer is under no obligation to keep the apprentice in employment after the apprenticeship has been completed.
  • Successful apprentices will have a nationally recognised qualification, be part-PRCA qualified and have at least 12 months' PR and communications work experience.


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