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Creating a virtual press office

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It's one of the corner stones of any PR strategy - be it for PR consultancy or in-house department. A Virtual Press Office (VPO), well designed and highly maintained, gives your client or brand a key opportunity to take the high ground; a chance to create a resource that is truly useful to the media and in turn ensures a greater share of media coverage in this increasingly digital age. This no nonsense online webinar takes you through the key ingredients required to building a VPO. What should it contain? How should it look? What functionality should it have? How does it work with journalists? How much does it cost ? These questions and many more are answered in a webinar that shows examples of good, bad and ugly corporate virtual press offices while showing you how to build an award winning VPO for your brand or client.

Course Objectives: 

From a clear understanding of what a VPO is and how to deploy it.
What advice to give a client when building a VPO.
How to integrate the VPO into a full on and off line PR strategy.
How to gain greater a share of media coverage by having a powerful VPO.

Learning Objectives: 

To develop a VPO strategy that recruits and builds journalist followers.
To create the VPO itself - which platform to use and how to use it.
Features that your VPO must have.


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.