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How to manage your time and workload more effectively

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This online course will help you become more streamlined in the way that you work, offering practical advice to help navigate through today’s busy and often stressful professional environment and get more of the important tasks done.

Course Objectives: 

Learn to track time effectively.
Understand how time-tracking can be used to make you a more efficient PR pro.
Develop techniques for setting priorities and meeting deadlines.
Learn how to tell what’s important, and what’s not.
Learn how to stop technology from dominating your time, and to use it to your advantage.
Develop anti-procrastination techniques.
Learn when and how to delegate.
Be able to analyse and reduce stress.

Learning Objectives: 

Time tracking and analysis.
How and why goals are set.
Hitting KPIs efficiently.
Weighting tasks and setting priorities.
Team working and delegation.


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.