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Monitoring Client Satisfaction Levels


26 Feb 2019







Monitoring client satisfaction levels - ensuring that your clients value what you do and stay with you
This workshop helps delegates to understand that client relationships should never be taken for granted and that making the assumption that ‘everything is fine' because there are no complaints can be very dangerous.

Event Type: Classroom

Address: PRCA, 82 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE10BE

Places available: 6

Places remaining: 3

Trainer: Neil Backwith FPRCA

Image of trainer

Event Overview

How attendees will benefit
This course aims to demonstrate why we should never take our client relationships for granted.  Delegates will learn the key ways to ensure that they always know where they stand, identify any issues before they become serious and take appropriate action to remedy the situation.

Who Should Attend
This course is aimed at Agency/Consultancy MDs (or future MDs).

What attendees will learn
The workshop provides guidance on both formal and informal approaches to monitoring satisfaction as well as some simple but highly effective early-warning and health-check approaches.  It also demonstrates that simply doing the ‘health-check' can have more positive benefit than expected and can be a good source for new business.

As with all these special MD Workshops, the session will be split 50:50 between presentation and discussion, with plenty of time for ‘Q and A'.

What materials attendees will receive
Attendees will receive a copy of the presentation used.