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PR and Communications Census 2019 – Cardiff


21 May 2019







Please join us on Tuesday, 21st May, 2019 for the annual PR and Communications Census results.

Event Type: Group Event

Address: Milk and Sugar: The Old Library, The Hayes, Cardiff, CF10 1BH

Event Overview

On Tuesday, 21st May, 2019, the PRCA will be announcing the results of the 2019 PR and Communications Census in Cardiff. The report will reveal the industry’s size and how much it contributes to the economy, alongside demographics, salaries, industry prospects, and how PR professionals feel about the pressing issues of growth, revenue and budgets. This is your chance to hear the research findings, explore how the industry has changed over the past year and engage with our panel of experts.

This event is worth 15 points in the PRCA CPD Programme.