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Just Marketing Awards 2020


We're delighted to announce the launch of the Just.Marketing Awards to reflect the outstanding work across the marketing industry. From strategy through to creativity, great marketing has been at the core of brands and business this year more than ever before.

Join us in highlighting, celebrating, and rewarding this exceptional work in the inaugural Just.Marketing Awards 2020!

How to enter:

  • The Judging Criteria for the campaign awards, the team awards and the individual awards are described below the categories section on this page
  • Guidance on how to construct your entry is given in the Entry Guidelines and Entry Structure sub headings below
  • Then please email your entry to the awards team on ( and don’t forget to pay for your entries here.


Best Content Marketing campaign

This award recognises the creation and use of outstanding content to drive engagement and achieve defined objectives. Demonstrate how your content plan was delivered across the relevant platforms to reach your target audience and achieved demonstrable results, aligned to your overall strategy.

Best CSR campaign

This award recognises the effective harnessing of an organisation’s influence to deliver a positive social or environmental change. Whether a one-off campaign or sustained approach, demonstrate how you’ve put responsible business practice at the heart of your organisation and the difference it has made to your stakeholder groups

Best Integrated campaign

This award recognises campaigns that have consistently delivered excellence across a range of channels. There must be clear objectives and rationale behind the integrated strategy, creative synergy across all activity, and analysis at a channel and integrated level of the results achieved.

Best use of data and insights in a campaign

This award recognises the intelligent use of data to deliver tangible insights that have driven an improved product or customer experience. Through expert analysis, demonstrate how insightful strategies have resulted in business success and delivered a competitive advantage.

Best B2B campaign

This award celebrates the effective delivery of a strategic led business-to-business marketing campaign. The judges will be looking for examples of creative and innovative thinking in tackling business, category or sector challenges. It is open to any brand operating in B2B product and services.

Best B2C campaign

This award celebrates the effective delivery of a strategic led business-to-Consumer marketing campaign. The judges will be looking for examples of creative and innovative thinking in tackling business, consumer, category or sector challenges. It is open to any brand operating in B2C product and services.

Best use of influencers in a campaign

This award celebrates the effective use of influencers in supporting the delivery of a brand’s strategy. The winning brand will show how innovation and creative thinking in use of influencers has helped deliver a brand’s strategic objective(s).

Best use of branded experiences and events

This award celebrates the effective use of branded events and experiences – including but not limited to festivals, a one-off branded event, major exhibition or ongoing experiential activity – in supporting the delivery of a brand’s marketing strategy. The winning brand should show how the experience or event was key to the success of the brand’s strategic objective(s).

Marketing agency of the year

This award recognises the agency that has had an unrivalled year in terms of results. Showcase your successes across strategy, insight and creative, proving how you have delivered marketing excellence for your clients, outshone your competitors and set new standards for the future.

Emerging brand of the year

This award recognises a start-up brand that has clearly excelled in its performance by delivering a strong commercial outcome as a result of its creative and innovative thinking over the last year.

Outstanding contribution

This award will be presented to someone who has made a tangible difference to the advancement of marketing over a sustained period. The winner will be chosen in consultation with thought leaders across the industry.

Marketer of the year

This award recognises the stellar impact one individual has had on an organisation. Whether a colleague has gone beyond the parameters of their role, or you’ve dedicated an unsurpassable level of commitment yourself, show how creativity, originality and an inspiring work ethic has delivered a clear impact on the business.

Best performance during COVID19 - £50+VAT

This award recognises the marketing team or agency that has delivered outstanding performance during the pandemic. The winning entry will demonstrate how they have adapted and delivered campaigns, citing the particular challenges they had to overcome.

Diversity and inclusion company of the year - £50+VAT

This award celebrates an organisation or individual that champions diversity and inclusivity. This could be any internal or external campaign. The winning entry will show clearly how effective their efforts were in driving change and developing new stakeholder groups.

Judging Criteria

Campaign awards:

  • Strategy and research
  • Execution
  • Creativity and originality
  • Effectiveness and results

Team awards:

  • Clients: retention, growth, and performance
  • People: commitment to development and diversity, innovative practices and employee engagement
  • Financial: performance and growth
  • Innovation: investment in infrastructure, new client products, and/or new approach to staffing.

Individual awards:

  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Performance and contribution
  • Colleague/client references

How to enter

Entry Guidelines:

Your written entry must be no more than 1,000 words, size 10 font and a maximum of 2 sides of A4. Mandatory company logo must be uploaded alongside your entry.

Images can also be included in the body of your entry to support your case.

The campaign budget must be stated.

Please ensure that for categories recognising the performance of teams or agencies, financial figures should relate to your most recent financial year.

The Just Marketing Awards are open to all parties involved in the use of marketing around the world including, marketing agencies, freelancers, in-house marketing departments, digital agencies, and media owners.

Do ensure you have sought permission for the right to use the intellectual property of the brand or client entered. Organisations can submit multiple entries into all categories. Companies or individuals can submit entries on behalf of themselves or others.

If the judges feel that an entry was particularly outstanding, but point difference hasn’t allowed the win, they can award the entry Highly Commended. This will be announced at the virtual ceremony.

Entry Structure:

  1. What is the overall marketing strategy?
  2. How does this campaign align to the strategy?
  3. What did you do brilliantly/differently?
  4. What results can you show (and prove)?
  5. 50 word summary on why you should win
Early Bird deadline: Thursday, 29th October, 2020
Final Deadline: Thursday 10th December, 2020
Shortlist: Friday, 8th January, 2021
Virtual Ceremony: Thursday, 21st January, 2021
Early Bird PRCA Member Entry £150+VAT
Early Bird Non-member Entry £175+VAT
Final PRCA Member Entry £200+VAT
Final Non-member Entry £215+VAT
Diversity and Inclusion Award entry /
Best Performance during COVID-19 Award:

Supporting Materials (optional):

Supporting documentation such as reports and videos are optional – all relevant information should be included in your main entry. If choosing to include a video, it must not run for more than 4 minutes and be included in a separate document as a link to either YouTube or Vimeo.

Supporting documentation will only be consulted where judges are unable to distinguish between two entries.

Eligibility and Confidentiality:

All campaign entries must have started by 10th December 2019 and be completed by 10th December 2020 (the closing date).

Please ensure that for categories recognising the performance of teams or agencies, financial figures relate to your most recent financial year.

Please be aware that campaign category entries do not have to relate to a specific campaign or project, but can be a component of on-going work or a combination of activities.

Judges will assume that campaigns using celebrities or other associations have been paid for their involvement unless stipulated otherwise.

To enter please visit: Please pay for your entries and then submit the relevant documentation to

Contact Us: For more information please contact: