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Bill Moir MPRCA

About Bill

Originally an Education graduate Bill's academic achievements also include a Doctorate in Human Behaviours. Bill Moir has been engaged over the last twenty years as Change Agent, Internal Marketing Consultant and Learning and Development Specialist, and has worked with such organisations as American Express, Amnesty International, BAA, BAe, Local Authorities, Mitsui, Nike, Novartis, NHS Trusts, Microsoft and Whitbread a range of PR Consultancies. These development programmes have enabled Bill to develop his participative and challenging teaching approach. Bill's writing and delivery is therefore informed by the evidence and expertise of working with a wide range of organisations with staff of differing abilities.

Training Theory

"Participative, interactive and fun. Conducted in a safe learning space and filled with practical tools, models and techniques which can be easily implemented to create an immediate improvement to business practice".


Bill's expertise includes the design and delivery of appropriate soft skills development solutions to achieve corporate and individual goals. I focus on the design and delivery of appropriate training solutions drawn from the changing organisational needs of my clients to achieve their corporate and individual goals.