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Ruth McNeil

About Ruth

Ruth McNeil is a market research consultant and trainer with a background in both marketing and research. Following a career as an analyst at Unilever and then as a board director at Research International, Ruth formed her own company, Response Consulting Ltd, in 2001. She has written an acclaimed book on business to business market research, is a Fellow of the Market Research Society, and is a frequent speaker on platforms both in the UK and the US. Her knowledge of public relations has been honed by a spell as Public Relations Manager for the Family Planning Association and by working closely with PR professionals when Marketing Director at Research International. For many years also at RI as key International Account Director for Shell and other blue chip companies, she has considerable experience of client handling and the issues that arise from long term client relationships. Now running her own company, she has intimate experience of the exigencies of time management and business building.

Training Theory

We all need to be "learning individuals" - to carry on learning soft and hard skills as we go through our careers; but learning should be fun as well as serious. I believe people learn best when in a relaxed environment and with others who share similar challenges. My courses have serious content but are highly interactive, with a stress on people learning as much from the others on the course as from me as trainer. Highly stimulating, interactive, rich in content, business relevant, pacey - that is what I try to bring to the PRCA training courses.'


Ruth specialises in training in the softer skills that are so important in today's business. In particular, she gives courses on how best to handle and manage clients, and on how to prepare and present presentations and motivation and leadership but there are more subject specific areas in which she also trains such as the use of market research and role of evaluation in public relations.

Courses by Ruth