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Westlers, the UK’s original foodservice hot dog and frankfurter brand, identified it needed to rejuvenate interest in the foodservice sector and strengthen brand perception to drive sales.

Westlers Frankfurters and hot dogs

Fmcg: food

Friday, January 13, 2017

Agency: Pelican Communications

The Challenge

A key challenge was that since the glory days of the 1970's promotion of the Westlers brand had declined and as a result there was a section of the target market unfamiliar with the brand.

Pelican worked with Westlers to create a digital campaign which targeted the end consumer and helped reposition Westlers as the leading hot dog and frankfurter brand with key target customers including quick service restaurants, pubs and leisure outlets. 

The Solution

We decided to focus on the EURO 16 football championships as a way of engaging with a key target audience: young males eating out of home.

A social media campaign was developed to showcase Westlers’ flavour, versatility and high meat content. This included cartoons of the different teams’ star players depicted as Westlers frankfurters and a Westlers recipe for each country.

To ensure our content was relevant, three different images (win, lose, draw) were created to represent all 32 teams competing in the tournament. These images were live posted on Twitter and Facebook to ‘high-jack’ hashtags during the football tournament to boost each post’s reach and raise brand awareness.

The Results

The campaign doubled Westlers’ Twitter following and increased its Facebook ‘likes’ by more than 600%.

The whole campaign generated over 60k impressions across both social media channels and significantly increased interactions across both channels. 


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