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Moments that Matter


HiPP Organic is the UK’s no.1 organic baby food brand. To increase awareness and loyalty amongst mums, we unlocked an insight that resonated with mums and put it at the heart of our ‘Moments that Matter’ influencer campaign. Leveraging our relationships with influential bloggers we went on to create powerful online endorsements and social sharing that smashed our campaign KPIs.

Hipp Organic


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Agency: Cirkle

The Challenge

HiPP enjoys a strong reputation that is based on its rich heritage, but our challenge in this cluttered and fiercely loyal sector was to make it even more relevant  to mums with babies and young children. Other objectives included the launch of HiPP’s new baby food and baby bath products. 

The Solution

Our research established that the success of marketing new products to this discerning target audience relied on generating TRUST and ADVOCACY amongst mums - and that one of the highest ranking sources of trust were CREDIBLE PARENTING BLOGGERS.  Integral to unlocking the power of parenting Bloggers was our own ‘SOCIAL INNER CIRKLE’ – an exclusive community of online parenting influencers. 

 To engage mums, we unlocked insight that resonated with them … ‘that mums of young children often seek to connect with their peers by proudly sharing  key baby milestone ‘firsts’ e.g. first steps, first birthdays, first taste of ‘lumpy’ food’.    This insight resulted in our ‘Moments that Matter’ creative platform which gave HiPP an ownable ‘territory’ and one that was led by parenting bloggers and played out across social media.  

 We devised a year long content plan (assets, film, advice) to provide our Social Inner Cirkle parenting bloggers (who we called the ‘Hipp Blog Squad’) with content, collateral and product samples for them to share across their social media platforms.  We also encouraged them to celebrate and share their ‘Moments that Matter’ across their social media channels.  Over a sustained 12 month period, we continued to build valuable relationships with these influencers and our campaign culminated in the Blog Squad taking part in a ‘HIPP GRADUATION CEREMONY’ with their kids . 

The Results

  • 500+ pieces of positive online and print editorial
  • 100% positive sentiment in all coverage
  • Smashed KPIs for earned media awareness reaching 10 million mums
  • Doubled our KPI for number of social media conversations