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Crisis Management

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Some expertise in crisis management is an essential ingredient of a PR consultant's professional armoury. But it can be a complex subject, especially when developing a crisis communications plan and dealing with the psychologies that come into play when bosses are under intense pressure and dozens of different audiences are demanding immediate information. During more than two decades of planning for and handling a series of crises, Michael Bland has developed a ‘quick fix' training programme which helps the experienced and the inexperienced alike with a series of practical checklists. These have been tested under fire and enable the PR professional to hit the ground running.

Course Objectives: 

Gain a thorough understanding of crisis and issues dynamics.
Gain an understanding the psychology of communication and its role in crisis management.
Build knowledge about how to prepare, plan and train most effectively.
Be equipped with a list of actions to take in a crisis.
Gain methods for achieving client/top management buy-in.

Learning Objectives: 

The preparation process: developing a plan which works in practice.
Action checklist: what to do when it happens.
Strategy checklist.
Communication psychology in a crisis.
Achieving client buy-in: you might know the right way to behave in a crisis, but do they?


A copy of the presentation and all learning materials will be available to download at the end of the webinar.