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Becoming assertive

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Personal Skills
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Classroom based

Being in PR means that you have to work with many different people, some of whom may try to pressure you into doing things you don't want to do, or refuse to do things you want them to.

Course Objectives: 

Whether you are the type of person who agrees to almost anything to avoid conflict, or the type whose diplomatic skills need a bit of a polish, this half-day course will show you how to say ‘no' effectively, treat yourself and others with respect and achieve successful outcomes for all.

Learning Objectives: 

Defining what assertive behaviour is and isn't
Recognising the less obvious signs of passive or aggressive behaviour
The eight assertive techniques and how to use them
Saying ‘no' without feeling guilty
Dealing with difficult situations
Using assertive behaviour to achieve positive outcomes
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Full course notes will be provided. A notebook and pen will also be provided. If you prefer to work on a laptop, you are more than welcome to bring it along with you to use throughout the day.