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PRCA Diploma (DipPRCA)

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Course Title Course Type Level Points Awarded
203 You and your clients: A coaching session Classroom based Advanced 20
200 Winning With Procurement for PR Agencies Classroom based Advanced 40
198 Unleash your inner creative Classroom based Intermediate 10
215 Understanding finance Online Advanced 10
196 Successful Networking Classroom based Advanced 20
193 Setting your hourly rates - ensuring your rates deliver your desired profitability Classroom based Advanced 20
186 Pitching to win new business Online Intermediate 10
185 Motivating and leading PR teams Classroom based Advanced 40
184 Monitoring client satisfaction levels - ensuring that your clients value what you do and stay with you Classroom based Advanced 20
183 Managing professional communications agencies series - part 2 - looking outside to the market: how to grow while maintaining margin Classroom based Advanced 40
182 Managing professional communications agencies series - part 1 - looking inside your firm: how to manage for optimum profitability Classroom based Advanced 40
181 Managing Professional Communications Agencies - Overview of internal and external profit management Classroom based Advanced 40
177 KPIs - How to measure performance in PR & corporate communications Classroom based Advanced 40
173 HR for PR practitioners Classroom based Advanced 40
170 Growing your current clients - how to generate more income from existing clients Classroom based Advanced 20
211 Ethics in PR Online Intermediate 10
169 Establishing profitable contracts, terms & conditions - understanding what matters in contract negotiation Classroom based Advanced 20
162 Controlling over servicing - the principles of billable and non-billable time Classroom based Advanced 20
234 Communicating in the Middle East & North Africa Online Intermediate 10
157 Brand and Brand Storytelling Classroom based Intermediate 40