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Apprenticeships and Skills Group

PRCA Apprenticeships and Skills Group is a forum for member organisations running their own apprenticeships programmes or supporting clients who work in the apprenticeships and skills space. Any PRCA member company with an interest in apprenticeships and skills communications is welcome and encouraged to nominate a representative to PRCA Apprenticeships and Skills.

We are working to raise and enhance the profile and the reputation of apprenticeships and skills within the communications industry. We also aim to improve the quality of Apprenticeships and Skills Public Affairs and Public Relations by sharing ideas, promoting best practice and working together on joint initiatives.

We meet regularly to discuss the latest developments, opportunities and challenges for apprenticeships and skills.

Our objectives

  • To provide a forum for industry and employers to discuss how to promote the role of high quality apprenticeships. 
  • Explore how apprenticeships can meet the changing skill demands for the future world of work.
  • Provide an opportunity for dialogue and mutual support between member organisations and to lead the debate to shape the future of apprenticeships and skills in the UK.

Demonstrate the high value to clients and members of working with accredited communications experts, uniquely supplied by PRCA member organisations.

To find out about speaker opportunities, please contact To find out about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Susan Speller